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About Allison

I am passionate about helping others learn to eat in a way that fuels their body and mind. I believe that health comes not only from eating quality foods, but in improving your relationship with food. Let me help you reach your individual goals, whether that means improving your athletic performance, recovering from disordered eating or improving your health.

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Do you want to perform better?

Do you want to improve your relationship with food?

Do you want to feel better in your body?

Let's work together to find solutions to your personal challenges so you can achieve your nutrition goals!



"Transitioning into college was extremely challenging for my health and nutrition. I was never taught how to fuel my body properly. I felt sluggish in workouts and felt like no matter how hard I worked, I was not seeing positive results in my performance. When the stresses in my life became too heavy, I began turning to food as my escape. I started meeting with Allison and she helped me find the healthiest options on campus (which seemed impossible at times). Once I moved off campus, she helped me find simple, healthy and cheap solutions in the kitchen. Allison always had new materials to give me such as recipes, grocery lists, high-performance foods, and more. Post-college, I have found consistency in my diet because of what I learned from Allison – she held me accountable, encouraged me, was always willing to answer questions, and she educated me in a realistic way. Allison’s guidance is a huge reason why I live a healthy lifestyle today!"

-RB, Former Eastern Michigan Track and Field Athlete


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