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Individualized Nutrition Counseling and Consulting


Eating disorder recovery

Sports nutrition
Mindful and intuitive eating
Child and adolescent nutrition
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About Allison

I am passionate about helping others learn to eat in a way that fuels their body and mind. I believe that health comes not only from eating a variety of foods, but in improving your relationship with food. Let me help you reach your individual goals, whether that means improving your athletic performance, recovering from an eating disorder or learning to find joy in eating.

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Do you want to perform better?

Do you want to learn to eat intuitively?

Do you want to heal your relationship with food?

Let's work together to find solutions to your personal challenges so you can achieve your goals!

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"Allison was unlike any other dietitian I have had. She really seemed very passionate and caring towards me and my personalized diet. I told some friends about her and they said the same things. Nothing but great words for Allison!"

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