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Intial Nutrition Assessment

The Initial Assessment may include:

  • Assessment of your current health and medical history

  • Assessment of your physical activity and eating habits

  • Review of general nutrition information

  • Calculation of current caloric needs to maintain, gain or lose weight

  • Review of your goals

  • Nutrition plan tailored for you and your specific goals


Appointment is 60-90 minutes

COST: $125.00

Follow Up Appointment

Follow up Appointments may include:

  • Discuss current eating patterns

  • Review progress towards short and long term goals

  • Identify challenges preventing you from reaching your goal

  • Analyze food records

  • Answer any nutrition questions

Appointment is 45 minutes

COST: $85.00

Body Composition Testing

Body composition testing may include:

  • Calculation of your body fat percentage and lean body mass

  • Discussion of results

  • Calculation of caloric needs to gain lean muscle mass or lose body fat

  • Nutrition plan tailored for you and your specific goals

Appointment is 60 minutes

COST: $150.00

Grocery Store Tour

Grocery Store Tour may include:

  • Tour of your local grocery store with discussion on best shopping practices


Appointment is 60 minutes

COST: $200.00

Pantry Makeover

Pantry Makeover may include:

  • Assessment of your current food purchases

  • Discussion on healthier alternatives

Appointment is 2 hours

COST: $250

Group Presentation

Group presentation topics may include:

  • Sports Nutrition

  • Nutrition for Coaches: Keeping your athletes healthy

  • Creating a Positive Body Culture: Preventing disordered eating

  • Nutrition for Health and Fitness

  • Nutrition for Weight Loss

  • Nutrition for the College Student

  • Nutrition for Kids

  • Debunking Fad Diets

These are just presentation suggestions. Contact me to discuss your presentation needs! Presentation lengths and prices may vary.

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