Transitioning into college was extremely challenging for my health and nutrition. Beginning the next phase of my athletic career, the training became more intense and I was never taught how to fuel my body properly. I felt sluggish in workouts and felt like no matter how hard I worked, I was not seeing positive results in my performance. When the stresses in my life became too heavy, I began turning to foods high in fat and sugar as my escape. I started meeting with Allison about halfway through my freshman year and she helped me find the healthiest options on campus (which seemed impossible at times). Once I moved off campus, she helped me find simple, healthy and cheap solutions in the kitchen. Allison always had new materials to give me such as recipes, grocery lists, high-performance foods, and more. Post-college, I have found consistency in my diet because of what I learned from Allison – she held me accountable, encouraged me, was always willing to answer questions, and she educated me in a realistic way. Allison’s guidance is a huge reason why I live a healthy lifestyle today! 

Reagan Briggs

Former Eastern Michigan University Track & Field Athlete

My first year as a student athlete was everything I dreamed it would be, although I thrived on the greasy dorm food and take out restaurants. After freshman year, I realized how much of a better athlete I could be if I was in just a little bit better athletic shape. That summer I worked hard to achieve that “ideal body” my sport seemed to idolize. I resorted to excessive workouts, cardio routines and other disordered behaviors to get me there quicker.  I thought I was doing no harm to my body or mind. When I came back to school, Allison noticed the difference in my body shape and wanted to meet. She was able to give me the nutritional knowledge I needed to find what I was longing for the right way. After many successful meetings, chats and meal planning, together we found a way to strengthen my body through correct nutrition. I am so grateful for the relationship I was able to build with Allison. Knowing I could go to her whenever I needed to talk or check in was beyond reassuring. The next two seasons were incredible and I could not have had the amount of success I did without the help of Allison.


Former Eastern Michigan University Gymnast

​I have the privilege of not only knowing Allison on a professional level as a fellow Registered Dietitian, but also from a client perspective. All doctors need a doctor, right?! Well, all dietitians need a dietitian too! Her knowledge and professionalism is top notch and her timeliness and eagerness to help others comes second to none. But what I admire most about Allison is her true understanding of a person's individuals needs, wants and motivation level; how she empathizes makes you feel so comfortable. I highly recommend her to anyone needing that extra advice, motivation and direction to improve your nutritional status! I am an RD with a Masters degree and Allison is MY dietitian! Thank you Allison for all the support you have shown me over the years and your continued guidance. 

Tami Stibb MS, RD

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